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Of a ship called Zest

Of a ship called Zest

I am the captain of my ship, Zest. On 10 January 2019, Zest was awash, i.e. so low in the water that water was washing over her deck. We were going through a particularly violent tempest. I was being hurled from one side to the other, holding on for dear life, and...

Women on the Rise

Women on the Rise

  Prophetic Women Arising! - Women on the Rise with Patricia King & Dr. Michelle Burkett Posted by Patricia King on Thursday, December 27, 2018 I felt so empowered and liberated when I listened to this ‘Women on the Rise’ prophesy by prophetess Lana Vawser on...

The Healing Power of Art

The Healing Power of Art

The Healing Power of Art Have you ever experienced the delight and wonderment of looking at your completed work of art and thinking to yourself, ‘Wow, I made that!’ Have you ever seen the surprise and elation on a student’s face after she has learnt and mastered a new...

Featuring Artist Karien Dutton

Karien Dutton


Born in Knysna, South Africa in 1962, Karien Dutton is an emerging oil painter and photographer, who’s work captures the vibrant colours of flowers, birds, landscapes, the sea and her surroundings. She studied art at school until matric. Post matric, she pursued studies in the sciences and qualified an Analytical Chemist and continued her career in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Karien Dutton nowadays offers her expertise as Executive Pharmaceutical Coach.

After 36 years, Karien took up the paint brushes again and started art classes under the guidance and keen eye of Les Bird in Port Elizabeth. Experimenting in oil painting techniques and colours, Karien gradually started honing her skills again as a painter.  

Some of Karien’s original oil paintings are on exhibition in selected restaurants in Port Elizabeth. She recently co-exhibited with Carine Siecker, her friend since 1981, in the ‘Carine and Karien Exhibition’ at the Wakkerstroom Art Ramble in celebration of their friendship and re-discovery as artists.


Artist’s Statement

With eyes wide and heart pumping, my soul sings in admiration of the wonder, the glory and the abundant, exhilarating life surrounding me. My art is a journey of discovery, experiments in colour and techniques to reflect the Joie de vivre.

The use of light, depth of colours and flexibility of painting in oil allows me to escape from my left- brain, analytical, logical and fact-orientated, scientific day-job to the intuitive, free thinking, creative right brain.

I love to use vibrant colours in my paintings of the sea, flowers, birds, portraits and landscapes. I love to see the sparkles in the eyes of someone when my art touches their soul.   

If you are a Vibrant Vacationer, motivated to cover your walls with lush, rich life, you will love my painting style.

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