Ps 102:6  I am like a pelican of the wilderness

Why the “plump pelican’?

In May 2015, I had an opportunity to re-engineer my life, but had no idea what that meant, what I wanted to do with the rest of my life or how to go about it.

Sunning on the stoep with my dogs Pancake and Sofia one morning, I was reading the Psalms when I came across a very strange passage in Ps102:6 about a pelican. This fascinated me. As with David, I was crying out to the Lord (like a pelican in the wilderness) to show me what His plans were for my future. Reading that verse, was the kick start I needed.  I was determined to create a business name featuring a pelican, although I had no idea yet what the business would entail. The Plump Pelican was born – plump with ideas.

Use what is in your hand

The Plump Pelican’s initial focus was on revamping homes and gardens for people on a tight budget. It was very satisfying to see the delight on my customer’s faces when they saw what ‘the revamp specialist’ achieved with very little additional expenses. Between jobs, I was applying my creativity in making items to sell, e.g. brightly coloured knitted doggy jerseys and pure cotton spa cloths.

Carine and Karien Exhibition

While knitting with my life-long artist friend, Carine, under a tree in her garden one day, she said to me, “Would it not be great to have a Carine and Karien art exhibition one day?” The last time I painted was at school – 36 years ago! I was so captivated by this dream, that I started classes with Les Bird at Chat Noir to hone my skill in oil painting. The photographs I have taken over the years were my inspiration. If you are a Vibrant Vacationer, motivated to cover your walls with lush, rich life, you will love my painting style. The vibrancy, depth of colours and flexibility of painting in oil allows me to experiment with themes of the sea, flowers, birds, portraits and landscapes.

The Plump Pelican portfolio expanded to include my original oil paintings for sale. Two years later our dream became a reality when we had our first Carine and Karien exhibition in Wakkerstroom. 10% of funds raised during The Plump Pelican exhibitions are donated to the Colchester Animal Outreach. At my Summer Garden Exhibition, one of my paintings was auctioned to support the outreach.

The Plump Pelican Art Gallery

As I became more proficient in on-line marketing, I started encouraging other artists to exhibit their work on my page or website, thereby relieving them of the schlep of marketing their own work. My paintings are available on The Plump Pelican facebook page and website or at The Plump Pelican Art Gallery, 157 Villiers Road, Walmer. I also partnered with restaurants in Port Elizabeth, who needed some wall décor.

Last year The Plump Pelican started ‘Paint your own Christmas Presents’ classes for groups of girls who wanted to do something different for their year-end functions. They surprised themselves with their completed acrylic paintings on canvas.

The Plump Pelican Retreat

In 2018, The Plump Pelican portfolio expanded again to include our home as an Airbnb guesthouse. The Plump Pelican offers a tranquil retreat in a serene garden setting close to the airport. My co-hosts, Pancake and Sofia, love to have furry friends visiting us.

What can The Plump Pelican do for you?

Call The Plump Pelican

  1. If you have a limited budget to revamp a room or garden
  2. If you are a business or restaurant needing wall décor, but don’t want to buy paintings
  3. If you are in the market for original vibrant oil paintings
  4. If you would like to do something different with your girlfriends and want to paint your own work of art (even if you can’t paint or draw to save your life)
  5. If you’re an artist and couldn’t be bothered with doing your own on-line marketing
  6. If you would like to retreat to a quiet garden to paint to your heart’s content
  7. If you need short term accommodation at an affordable price


I believe that God’s plan and purpose for my life is perfect. The Plump Pelican has endless potential and I can’t wait to see where the next adventure takes us.