Prophetic Women Arising! – Women on the Rise with Patricia King & Dr. Michelle Burkett

Posted by Patricia King on Thursday, December 27, 2018

I felt so empowered and liberated when I listened to this ‘Women on the Rise’ prophesy by prophetess Lana Vawser on the Patricia King Show.


Some of the following snippets of this prophesy inspired me to rise in the power of God:

God is breaking the things that are holding you back. He is breaking containment, breaking fear as you are catapulted into new realms of encounter with the love of Jesus and the love of God.

The warrior within you is coming forth.

God is removing the muzzles that have tried to steal your voice. Your voice is getting louder even in this season.

The Holy Spirit will begin to move through you in whatever your sphere of influence is. You will experience power in ways you have never seen before.

There has been a battle over your destiny, but the battle is breaking in the Name of Jesus.

There is fire in your eyes. The Lord is giving you greater clarity to see. Ask Him to increase your eyes to see what He is doing, to enlarge your ears to hear with greater clarity from Him. There is an increase of sensitivity coming into your life to discern what God is saying and what He is doing.

You are a dangerous one. You are being sent forth by the power of the Holy Spirit to take back the ground that the enemy has stolen. The enemy has tried so hard to hold you back, but now, daughter of God, you are going forth by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit with boldness and revelation to take back what is yours.

You are going forth and releasing others, releasing and empowering others and lifting them up and taking them with you.

I encourage you today that acceleration has been released in your life. Be expectant to see the miracles and turn arounds, because this is a significant moment for you.

You have been in the fight of your life in this season, but in the battle God has prepared you and there is a fortification that has happened within you, in your relationship with the Lord where you are stronger than you have been ever before.

There is only one strong, safe, and secure place for me;

it’s in God alone and I love him!

He’s the one who gives me strength and skill for the battle.

Where the battle has tried to slow you down, you are moving into the season of the greatest acceleration that you have experienced to hear what God is saying and to see what He is doing.

You have the power! Go forth daughter of God.

What is difficult for me is easy and natural for Him. All the unlovely aspects of our natural dispositions can be put under the blood of Jesus and all His loveliness can be allowed to flourish instead.

No longer do I feel accused, ashamed, caged, captive, condemned, deserted, discouraged, guilty, judged, lonely, neglected, put down, trampled, undeserving, unloved, unwanted, unworthy, useless or voiceless. The battle has been won, the strongholds broken and I am taking back the ground that the enemy has stolen.

I am a dangerous one, a powerful warrior going forth with a shout of victory and with fire in my eyes because I love Him!